Barcode Labels Tool for Manufacturing Industry Screenshots

Barcode Label Generator makes personalized barcodes for labeling the stored goods in warehouses and manufacturing industries. Software contains different varieties of linear barcode fonts (like LOGMARS, Codabar, USS-93, Telepen, MSI Plessey, etc.) and 2d barcode fonts (like DataMatrix, QR Code, Databar, PDF417, Aztec, etc.). Software allows the user to create the manufacturing barcodes in two different modes, Barcode Settings mode, and Barcode Designing View mode.

Manufacturing Industry Barcoding Application offers a large collection of designing tools (including watermark, signature, text, picture, barcode, shapes, etc) to design the barcode labels in a unique and attractive way in barcode designing view mode. Software facilitates the user to use their designed warehouse barcode labels in several windows Microsoft application like MS Paint, MS Word, and MS Excel. Software provides the facility to export the created barcode labels in both the image and the pdf file format.

Follow the below steps to create barcode labels using Barcode Software for Industrial (Non-Retail) Business

Step 1: Make Manufacturer barcode in Barcode Settings Mode

  • Select either linear barcode font or 2d barcode font in barcode settings mode. (Here we select Code 128 Set A Font).
  • Modify the align header, align footer, barcode value, barcode header, barcode footer, bar height, and density.
  • General Settings: Modify the value of character grouping, bearer bar (vertical and horizontal), narrow to wide ratio, and many different margins.
  • Font Settings: Modify the font style, font size, and font family of barcode footer, barcode value, and barcode header.
  • Color Settings: Modify the color of barcode background, barcode value, barcode header, and barcode footer.
  • Image Settings: Choose the Bitmap image type or Resolution Independent Metafile image type. Change the value of Orientation and Image DPI.
Barcode Settings

Step 2: Design the Barcode Label in Barcode Designing View Mode and change the Text Properties

  • Add the Text in your barcode label by clicking on Text Icon available in the drawing toolbar.
  • Select the text that you have inserted and modify different text properties including general, color, and other settings.
  • General Settings: Change the data source (manual or batch processing series), line alignment, text alignment, and font settings.
  • Color Settings: Set the text color and text background color (solid brush, or gradient) as per the need. You can also set transparency between 0 to 100.
  • Other Settings: Set the rotation angle of the text (ranging from 0 to 360), and add the frame (with different width, color, and style) around the text.
Text Properties

Step 3: Create Multiple Barcode Labels using Batch Processing Series

  • After designing the barcode label, go to batch processing series option to generate bulk barcode labels with different values.
  • Click on create series option and generate a new series (sequential, constant values, or random series).
  • In sequential series option, enter the file name, prefix value, suffix value, range, and increment order.
  • You can see and manage your created series by clicking on the batch processing series icon.
  • Instead of creating a new series in the software, you can also import the data series via an excel file or a text file.
Generate Series