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Barcode Labels Tool for Post Office and Bank

Barcode label maker software is a specialist tool to create superb quality postal barcodes or bank standard barcode labels in popularly used Linear and 2d barcode font symbologies. Barcode maker software is widely recognized in all post offices to carry out effective mailing, posting services and in small to large size banks for labeling banking statements or performing accurate billing operations.

Latest technology bar code software is devised with expertise to build versatile featured and beautiful, custom-made barcodes using sophisticated bar code designing objects. Advanced image designing facilities of the barcode creator software is accompanied by extensive print facilities which provide a helping hand for users to design and print their own profits at an affordable price yet with enhanced productivity and perfection.

Software Features-

  • Supports all popularly implemented Linear and 2d font symbologies.
  • Provides option to save the created postal or bank barcode label in any renowned file formats like JPG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF etc.
  • Utility is enclosed with an excellent label printing software-
    • Provides expertise print feature-set.
    • Multiple copies of the same postal barcode label can be printed on a single page.
    • Large volumes of barcode labels can be printed at once.
    • Print Preview functionality prevents from the further arising print errors.
  • Easily alterable font, color and barcode image settings-
    • Font settings: Offers varied options to set font style, font size etc.
    • Color settings: Multi colored postal barcode labels can be crafted using advance color options.
    • Barcode settings: Provide options to set barcode value, barcode header and footer details.
  • Large volume of postal or banking barcode labels can be created by using series generating functions useful in all post offices and banks.
  • Various barcode designing objects helps to design premium quality barcodes.
  • User friendly interface of the software allows any category of user to easily understand the product features and work on them effortlessly.
  • Created postal barcode labels can be copied easily and used in integration to all windows applications like MS-Word, MS-Excel etc.
Barcode Label Tool for Post Office and Bank

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Supported Barcode Fonts-

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