Greeting Card Maker Software

Greeting Card Maker Software
  • Put your own photo and text : Choose your favorite photo and add it to the greeting card. You can also add a text or personal message expressing your heart out in your own words.

  • Custom-made style of cards : Advanced image designing tools including shapes, pencil, text, graphics etc crafts the most wonderful, admirable greeting cards to gift to.

  • Bulk greeting cards to send to multiple users : Data set series generating options assists in building multiple copies of greeting cards as per ones wish to gift to desired numbers of users.

  • Advance font, color and image settings : By using the software, you can easily change your font style, set background color etc or set image size, shape, etc to create customized greeting cards.

  • Create new or modify old : As per your wish, you can either create a greeting card from scratch or edit an existing card.

Greeting Card Maker Software Screenshots

Software Features :-

  • GUI enabled interface of the greeting card creator software enables any user to craft his own style of greeting cards.
  • Users can make his greeting card himself on his own pc.
  • Much time saving and cost effective then getting cards from external source.

Greeting Card Maker Software

There is something special about receiving a card that has been created especially for you, so why not choose unique greeting card maker software to create cards of your own style to gift to friends or closed ones and show them how special they are.

Greet them with your heartfelt regards and warmth through wonderful greeting cards having custom-made look specially devised with wide range of personalized features. Greeting card software offers advance font, color and image setting options to set the desired appearance of the card. Advance image designing objects like pencil, text, line, shapes, etc helps to build eye catching cards having photo, text and personal message adding facilities.