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Freeware Video Editing Tools for Windows

Video Joiner

Video Joiner Software

Video Joiner Software is a powerful video editing tool that allows you to join multiple video clips into a single one without degrading the quality.

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Video Reverser

Video Reverser Software

Video Reverser Software is a freeware tool that reverses the playback direction of your video clips in just a few seconds.

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Video Splitter

Video Splitter Software

Video Splitter Software splits your video clip in different modes such as Split into Time Duration, Split into Parts, and Split into File Size.

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Time Lapse

Time Lapse Video Maker

Time Lapse Video Maker is an advanced video editing solution that creates high-quality time lapse video by using multiple photos.

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Video Rotation

Video Rotation Software

Free Video Rotation Tool supports different video formats like FLV, WMV, MP4, AVI, etc.

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Cropping Tool

Video Cropping Software

Freeware Video Cropping Software is an offline tool that crops your video clips in different aspect ratios.

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URL Checker

Free URL List Checker

Free URL List Checker is a type of validating tool that monitors bulk URL addresses list.

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OCR Software

Read Text from Image OCR

Easily scans the text present in the picture and converts it into customizable text file.

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